Tips for Dating Someone in an Online Game

Whether you met her on a top adult dating site and then found out you played the same game, or met there in the first place, keeping it together in an online game can be tricky for the uninitiated. No matter the genre, there are unspoken rules, standards and expectations that go with any hook up, in person or otherwise. Making the wrong move in game, however, can quickly leave you either without a girl or without a clan. Keep your head on straight, however, and you will quickly find dating someone in an online game can be very rewarding. Not only will you have something consistently in common with her, but many online games are also international by nature. This means a very large pool of candidates who are bound to have at least one thing in common, and a chance date someone who really keeps your attention.

Make Sure You Are Both Clear on the Arrangement

“Figure out what you want”

All that isn’t going to mean much, however, if you both cannot come to an understandingabout what, exactly your relationship is. Just as many people turn to online games to cheat as they do, for example. Knowing if she is cheating on someone with you is pretty important to figuring out where you stand, what to expect, and how much to invest in the relationship. For these reasons, you should also be up front with her if you are putting her in his situation. There is no point in stringing someone along if there is no real chance for anything to come to fruition between you. Even if she seems to be half a world away, when people find a real connection with someone, you may be surprised to hear of the lengths they will go to stay together.

This goes beyond matters of infidelity, however. One of the important things to keep in mind whenever you consider a largely online relationship is the fact that it will be fundamentally different than one that was created and maintained in person. This has less to do with the validity of the relationshipand more the logistics of it. Just like any long distance relationship, if your main method of interaction is through the computer, over the phone, or any combination thereof, you are going to face a unique set of challenges that people in physically closer relationships do not have to deal with. Depending on where she lives, there may even be a time difference to contend with, among other things. Even the top adult dating site in the world won’t be able to help you navigate when to contact her and how. Neither of you is ever going to be available at exactly the moment the other person might want or need you, and so a good deal more effort has to be put into planning, scheduling, and making good of the time you do have together. That can be in game, but should not be solely in game.

Keep It to Private Channels

“Saying something in the public chat is not a good idea”

This is crucial to being able to stay playing the game the two of you obviously enjoy so much to begin with, since you are staying in touch through it. That is why it has less to do with each other than it does everyone else. In short: online games are not the same as That is to say, people did not sign up with the intention of being surrounded by people looking to hook up, nor are they necessarily interested in hearing all about your escapades or drama. Being in an online game when you have most of your dates and other interactions is no different than going out in public for dinner, a movie, or any other typical dating scenario. However, saying something in the public chat channels is less like talking to her in a restaurant and more like shouting at the top of your lungs. In other words, don’t do it. Not only is everyone around you going to be considerably turned off from wanting to interact with either of you, but there is a good chance that you have probably just embarrassed her as well.

Make Use of Voice Chat

“Voice chat – It will improve your coordination”

Part of actually enjoying yourself in an online relationship involves getting as close as the medium will allow. There is only so much flirting and chatting that can be done through typing into a chat window, or emailing each other back and forth. Just like any top adult dating site will encourage you to go out and meet the person you have sent twenty private messages, we will always recommend voice and video chat to people in online relationships of any kind. Fortunately, dating someone in game just raises your chances that she is going to have and be familiar with using some sort of online voice chat, which is basically a win for everyone. Not only does it allow the two of you to get to know each other and get more out of time spent together, but it also lets you enjoy the game you both love to play even more. No matter the platform, voice chat will always improve coordination. If you are dating, however, it also has the added bonus of giving you a more natural way of bonding, teasing, and flirting with one another.

Explore Role Playing Opportunities

“Go for an extensive roleplaying expedition with her”

One thing many people tend to overlook when it comes to dating someone through an online game, however, is the chances to broaden your relationship in new and interesting ways. Enter role playing. While a considerable amount of online games have, by their very nature, extensive lore, story, and character development built in, not many people immediately think to engage it in game play or other areas. Certain games, especially of the MMORPG genre, may be well known for small, but devoted groups of players staying in character the entire time they are playing, of course. However, adding a little role play to your relationship even if you are not a part of, or interested in, those groups can still add something new and different to your relationship and is worth considering.

Especially in the case, where the two of you spend most of your time together in game and do not have much of a chance to meet up in person. When you consider that most, if not all of your interactions, will most likely be mediated either through voice, video, or in game chat, things can actually get stale more quickly than they might otherwise in person. Rather than being able to fall into companionable silence, one of you will always be left wondering if they did something to lose the other’s attention. That means hanging out online has to be done more actively if you want to actually enjoy yourselves and avoid complications. Role playing really helps keep that interaction going if, for no other reason, than it gives you both something to focus on. Even if it devolves into flirting, or you both end up laughing over it, it will still serve as something to come back to. Having something to default to when you otherwise might fall silent is often the key to keeping an online relationship going. Get some more tips on it by visiting top dating sites online. Don’t forget to check the online dating rating of the sites here: Always make sure that your online hookups are legit and not a scam.

The Easiest Ways to Save Money When Using Cam Sites

“Control your spending”

Cam sites are always the best option for guys who want to have a little fun with a woman without having to worry about whether or not she’s interested in him personally. The dating and hookup scene at bars and clubs can be such a drag that most guys probably want a chance to have something a little more guaranteed. Cam sites can be the perfect choice for you if you don’t always have time to hit the top bars and clubs in your area to try and meet single women, or even if you just want to see what all the fuss about. Once you’ve found a great site, you might get hooked. The best live sex cam sites offer an experience so great that it will keep you wanting to return, but this can become expensive. There’s tips and possibly even membership fees to take into consideration when you use cam sites. All of it can add up quickly if you’re not careful.

You probably want to know how to save money when it comes to using cam sites on a regular basis. There are plenty of ways to go about it but it might not always be obvious, since cam sites probably is not something you decided to include in your regular budget. Knowing the best ways to save a little money when you use cam sites will definitely help you make sure that you get the most bang for your buck without breaking the bank or winding up in the poorhouse because of all the money you spent on tipping your girl. Being thrifty on a cam site can still get you the same quality experience as before, so you should never worry about not getting what you want if you’re on a budget.

Keeping Track of How Much You Spend on a Model

“Keep a track of how much have you spent on cam girls”

One of the easiest ways to start racking up the big bucks is by tipping your model. Most cam sites offer a way to tip the girl you’re watching, either as an incentive for her to keep going or as a bribe to get her to do something more exciting. You may even just tip the model you are watching if you like her performance and want to support her. No matter why you tip or how much you tip, things can start adding up quickly. Spending a few cents or dollars here and there on various models doesn’t seem like such a big idea, but you have probably already realized that it starts to go very, very quickly.

Keeping track of how much money you spend on her will help you keep from wasting money. You may not realize how much money you’re spending on her to begin with, so keeping a document that tracks how many tips you give her is a good way to keep from overspending. Remember to try and be thrifty with your tips and don’t throw tons of big tips around. Sending out many smaller tips is probably the best way to go, since you can get the most bang for your buck and spend money on more models in more shows. Don’t waste all your money on one girl.

Knowing How to Get Away with Not Spending Money on Her

“Try to get free shows”

Befriending a model and gaining her trust can mean one of the best live sex cam experiences: the free one. It’s not always easy to figure out how to get a model to do things for you for free, but it will obviously be worth it if you don’t want to spend too much money on the site. Getting a girl to do things for you for free takes a little effort, but if you know how to play your cards right you might get everything that you want. Butter her up and be kind and polite to her, and never ask for anything too major at first. Start slow and work your way up to big requests so that she has time to get used to the idea of doing something for free. You may want to convince her that you’re in the middle of trying to buy credits to tip her with, though this is obviously not going to work for long if you keep delaying things. Either way, take a little time and effort to try and see if she will do things on cam for free. This is the best way to save money and still get what you want.

Finding a Free Show and Going along for the Ride

If you can’t find a way to get her to do things for you specifically for free, there’s always a way to watch shows for free. You might want to find a model with a hugely crowded and popular room. These models are oftentimes going to have plenty of other guys tipping her and getting her to do the good stuff, so you may as well hop in and watch things play out. Sure, you still want to avoid spending money on her so you won’t be tipping her in order to get what you want, but if you have no qualms watching her do what other guys are telling her to do then you should consider this strongly. You get all the benefits of the cam show with none of the stress about spending money on her to get the show started.

This can obviously backfire if she has enough guys tipping her that she might go into a private chat with one of them. This means that your fun will be over, but this isn’t such a big deal. Just find another popular model with a crowded chat and see what she gets up to. Remember that there is always going to be another model with another show that you can watch, so never give up hope.

Find Ways to Get Free Credits

“Join affiliate program to get free credits”

Credits and tips make the world go round on cam sites, but if your wallet is suffering for your viewing habits you probably want to stop buying so many. There are definitely ways to get free credits, though it isn’t always immediately obvious how to go about finding them. Many of the best cam sites offer free affiliate deals that translate to free credits for you. They may want you to do something as simple as rating their site or posting a positive review about their site on another site. Promotional deals for free credits may be slightly hard to find, but they definitely exist and you should always take advantage of them if you can. Free credits means a free cam experience tailored to your desires, so you can’t question it at all. You can have all the live sex streaming, you want. Click on to read live sex cam site reviews and know more about free credits.

Of course there are other less savory ways of going about getting free credits. You may find people who sell credits for sites at a discounted rate or you may even be able to get free credits by complaining to customer service about a negative experience. If the site is serious about its members, you may wind up with free credits as compensation. It’s a win-win situation, so you may as well try to take advantage of it as best as you can.

Foreplay Ideas That Will Really Get Her Going

Most women already know what they want in bed, and there are some classic options that you can try in the bedroom in order to really get her squirming and squeaking for more. Sites like are the sites that will give you a lot of reviews of naughty dating sites, but not always the absolute best tips about what foreplay tips will really make your sex life skyrocket. That’s why it’s our turn to give you a bit of insight into what makes a woman’s mind really tick when it comes to the bedroom, and what will make her want to come right back into your bed for more of the same.

Focus On Kissing, and Get Really Good at It

“Get good at kissing and kiss right”

Kissing is an integral part of your foreplay routine–or at least it should be! There are a lot of women out there that have not actually been kissed properly, and that can make them pretty leery of long make-out sessions that don’t do anything but annoy them or gross them out. The key to kissing is, of course, to not be too sloppy about it no matter the intensity of the kissing session itself, because ultimately, no woman wants you drooling all over her face and down her chin.

That’s why when it comes to kissing, reviews of naughty dating sites are just not going to help you. It’s going to take practice and time in order to learn how to kiss right, but once you have it down, it’s an incredibly effective foreplay tool that will make her eager for more and more. One of the best ways to start kissing her is by doing so with your mouth closed, and only starting to open it after you’ve kissed each corner of her lips, and then her mouth itself. Rather than immediately shove your tongue into her mouth–no woman wants that at all, and it’s a sign of immaturity and inexperience–try nibbling her lower lip gently, and sucking it into your mouth. We’ve had great results trying this with the women that we’re with, and it almost always makes them reach out, grab for us, and pull us in closer. Give it a try with your woman, and you can try different kissing techniques from there. Just remember not to use too much tongue, or both of you will end up a little grossed out and unsatisfied by how that kissing session ended up going.

Massages Are The Key to Her Heart…and Bed

“A woman loves a nice massage”

There are very few women out there that will turn down a massage, even if you aren’t the best at it in the world. A simple backrub will do the trick first and foremost, and you don’t even have to convince her out of her clothes in order to make it happen. Many reviews of naughty dating sites, including, will actually talk about their first meet ups with women from those sites, and how a massage is an amazing way to break the ice and get things going with style. Read more about at The reviews on this site can really help you in wooing a woman with perfect massages. Women in general just love those slow, sensual touches that most massages offer, so make sure you take your time kneading out all of her tense muscles and taking your time to pamper her.

The shoulders are a great place to start, as is the back of her neck and down her spine. Avoid her sides if she’s particularly ticklish, and the lower back is also a sensitive area that you need to be careful with. In general, if she’s naked, massage oil is an amazing addition to this experience that will really have her shivering by the time that you’re through with the massage and ready to move onto more exciting things for both of you.

Combing Her Hair

“She is going to love this”

Many men don’t realize how erotic it can be to care for their woman’s hair. It doesn’t matter if her hair is long or short, there are very few women that will turn down the chance to have their hair brushed, combed, or otherwise touched by their man. Offer to brush it for her, and there’s a good chance that she will leap at the chance to have your hands all wrapped up in it and pampering her to the extreme.

Reviews of naughty dating sites will often by-pass this sort of idea because the men leaving those reviews simply don’t understand what it’s like to really care for a woman. We understand that you want to make her feel like she’s pampered and cared for to the extreme, and that’s why you’ll end up having a lot more fun while you’re in bed with the woman that you choose. Brushing her hair is just the start of it, because once she’s relaxed and sighing at every slide of the comb through her hair, she’ll be ready for you to start touching her neck and shoulders, and soon, the rest of her body will be open and ready for your attention.

Shaving Can Be Surprisingly Sensual

“Help her shave her legs”

Many women are actually rather self-conscious about their legs needing to be shaved, but you can turn it into foreplay and something of a bonding activity as well. Ask her how she usually shaves her legs, and have her teach you how to do it. You’ll be up close and intimate with her long, beautiful legs, and be able to feel how smooth they become with every stroke of the razor. This can also be reversed wherein she helps you shave as well, and that can make both of you riled up and all the more eager to touch one another once you’re finished. Smooth skin is rarely not a turn on for couples, and the two of you will enjoy the silky-softness of freshly shaved skin as soon as you’re done–something that you’ve brought about yourselves, and been able to enjoy at the most intimate of levels because it’s all been done by your own hand.

In general, there are so many different things that you can do for your woman that will really turn her on in the process of foreplay. It’s sad to think about, but in general, most women are incredibly neglected when it comes to foreplay that they just don’t even expect it. We are not saying that you can only do the minimum and get away with it, because remember, there is no finish line when it comes to sex, and her pleasure should come first and foremost. Catering to her needs before your own will ultimately make sure that she keeps coming back to your bed, eager and ready for more.

The point of foreplay is to make her ready and eager for you in the first place, so make sure that you take the time to find out exactly what she wants. If you aren’t sure, then have the conversation brought up and ask her about what she’s looking for in the bedroom. If she doesn’t like kissing, then avoid that all together. Things like that will make or break your romantic evening with her, and the last thing you want to do is ruin it because you want to kiss a bit longer than she would like!

Hooking Up With The Shy Girl

It doesn’t matter if you’re in London or in any other part of the world–there are going to be shy girls that you run into that still really want to hook up with you. They can require a bit more work when it comes to bringing them out of their shell, and even if you’ve read all the popular sex dating reviews in the world, that’s not going to necessarily make it easier for you to court them. It’s all a matter of knowing how to help them open up and enjoy themselves even more, and fortunately that’s exactly what we know how to do when it comes to the world of hooking up. The first thing that you will need is good and legit hookup websites. You need to find the best in online dating and read the Canadian sex dating reviews to find a woman with similar interests. Once, you have these things down, you can start thinking further.

Talk About Your Own Fantasies First

“Let her know about your fetishes”

One of the best ways to really get the shy girl to open up to you is to talk about the things that you’re into first. If you like to hit up BDSM clubs in London, tell her. She’ll start to relax when she realizes that your kinks are probably just as crazy as her own, and that means that she’s not going to feel as bad about vocalizing what exactly she’s into and what she really wants in the bedroom. You have to be honest, however, and always read her body language. If she ever seems intimidated by what you’re saying, it’s time to back off and switch to another topic.

By bringing in your own ideas and fantasies first, you’ll be able to really help her explore her own. You can ask her if she’s ever had any similar ideas about what to do in the bedroom, and from there, you’ll really be able to guide her into the conversation and make her feel more comfortable. An open environment is exactly what a shy lady needs, and if you’re willing to put in that extra bit of time, you’ll definitely be rewarded. Popular sex dating reviews aren’t going to tell you how to make this work every time, and it definitely does require a bit of trial and error…but with the right effort, this method almost always works to help you get what you want out of your shy hookup.

Make More Suggestions Than You Normally Would

“Take the initiative in bed”

With shy ladies, you have to take a bit of extra initiative in the bedroom. Expect to be the one that’s coming up with most of the ideas, because she might just not feel very comfortable about vocalizing them herself. She’s going to appreciate your confidence, and she’s going to enjoy being guided to some degree. You have to realize, however, that there’s a fine line that most popular sex dating reviews will even forget to tell you about, and that’s the line of being too pushy.

Just because she’s shy doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have opinions. When it comes to dating the shy girl, you need to make suggestions, not give orders. If you just start ordering her around, she’s never going to be able to come out of her shell, which is really the exact opposite of what you want from her. You are going to want her to be able to express her own opinions sooner rather than later, and that’s why you can just start suggesting ideas and asking her what she thinks about them. By taking this approach, you’re making it that much easier for her to add her own input. Keep asking questions, and keep expecting answers before you continue. If you do this, then she’s going to end up being much more vocal later on.

Tell Her How Much You Want to Know

“Convince her that she can tell you anything”

When it comes to hooking up with the shy girl, you might have to tell her that you really want a lot of details to be included in your conversations. You might have to tell her to really start talking to you about the things that she’s into, and that means you might have to continue coaching her along with a lot of specifics. There’s nothing wrong with this, but again, you just need to be prepared to really step up, be confident, and be very sure about what you want even if she’s afraid to express what she really ends up wanting.

This can really apply in the case of fantasies. If she’s really into something but she just doesn’t want to talk about it openly, tell her that you need to know what her limits are regarding certain things, or how much you need to know in order to get started with certain topics. By doing this, you’ll really be able to help her realize that she needs to express things up to at least a certain amount, and it’s going to make her relax that much more once she really gets going. Once she gets started, it will ultimately be much easier for her to talk about everything else she might want in the future.

Encourage Her Every Step

“Let her unleash her wild side”

When you’re hooking up with a shy lady, then you really do need to be encouraging. You can’t just step back and expect her to feel good about every single thing that she does. That’s not going to happen, and that’s just something you’re going to have to accept. This is why you always need to encourage her, and to help coax her along when you’re hooking up with her and learning about her.

If she’s into certain kinks and fantasies, then it’s important for you to be able to talk to her about them and tell her that it’s all okay to like those kinds of things. By doing that, you’ll really be able to help her relax and feel good about herself. It also doesn’t matter how weird you think some of her kinks are–never kink shame her. If you take the time to talk to her and hear about her kinks, then simply put them down as weird, she’s never going to talk to them ever again…which is absolutely the last thing that you’re going to want to deal with.

Keep it Behind Closed Doors

“Keep her comfort your top priority”

Hooking up with the shy girl means that you’re going to have to be a bit more discreet than usual. She might not feel comfortable hooking up in any sort of public eye. She might even like a lot of public displays of affection, and that’s just something you’re going to have respect when it comes to hooking up with her and enjoying your time spent with her. If you can keep everything behind closed doors, you’re going to be doing much better than any other guy that she’s been with, and that’s a fact.

This is why you really need to make sure to never overstep those kinds of boundaries. Ask her what she’s comfortable with in public. A shy girl isn’t the kind of girl you’re going to want to take to a sex club with a pounding bass and people grinding all up on her, that’s for sure, and that’s just something you’re going to have to accept if you end up hooking up with her. Find out what she’s comfortable with, and learn to work with it. That’s honestly something you’re going to be doing with her all the time, and that’s okay.

False Hope: Fake Weight Loss Products


“Don’t get any false hope from fake weight loss products”

Weight loss products make a lot of really big claims. It can be hard to know what’s real and what’s not. For every effective, organic, or lab created extract that boosts metabolism, there are ten scam fat burner products that claim they can undo aging and let you lose weight without you having to lift a finger, much less a dumbbell. Though the basic rule ‘If it seems too good to be true, it probably is’ applies to weight loss as it does to all things, it can be hard for a beginning consumer to know which claims are legitimate and which are gimmicks. You can learn more about fat burners here:, you can check the weight loss review and can stay away from scams. Here are some other common signs that the product you are viewing is a scam.

‘Results Not Typical’


“Stay away from scam fat burners, they can demoralize you”

Of course, any product is going to want to put their best foot forward, so you have to be careful with gimmicky ads that boast excellent results…like 100% accurate results. Just because you see the phrase ‘results not typical’ next to any of their models or advocates doesn’t mean anything. After all, they are trying to sell the product. If every single person on the site is a product of the non-typical results, the chances are good that the distributors are just trying to give you the hard sell on a product that may or may not have any benefit. Steer clear of scam fat burner products like these.

Another thing to be on the look out for with these sites are the reviews by users. If you have people who are reviewing after only a week on a particular product, their review is actually meaningless. They don’t any of the long-term results of this product. For example, reviews of Mitotropin feature a lot of people complaining about stomach upset among people who have used the fat burner for only a week. Reviews from people who stuck with it, however, show that they learned learned how to control the symptoms and a lot of the symptoms faded away entirely. By the same token, a product that starts out with low side effects and great effectiveness might lose potency over time, and that’s the sort of thing you should know before you invest in six months worth of the product.

‘You Don’t Need to Diet or Exercise’


“You can’t lose weight without a proper exercise routine”

Supplements or fat burning products that tell you that you don’t have to change anything about your life in order to lose weight (except to buy this product, of course) are appealing to wish fulfillment. They offer what everyone secretly wants: great results with little or no effort. The fact remains that these fat burner products are scams. Even if the product does boost your metabolism, to get any meaningful results from that you have to be working out, building your muscle mass in order to burn more fat to support those muscles. Lying back and doing nothing is never going to allow you to lose weight.

The products that typically advertise such headlines probably are primarily appetite suppressants. They bank on you taking the product, feeling less hungry, and subconsciously limiting your calories so that you lose weight. Appetite suppressants can be useful, and many weight loss and fat burning supplements such as Mitotropin to OxyElite contain such products, but a pure appetite suppressant isn’t going to do the trick for most people. Your results will be slow, expensive, and largely hit-or-miss.

The other idea is that the product may be nothing more than caffeine and sugar, made to look like a powerful stimulant. The placebo effect is strong, and believing that you’re on a weight loss pill that only works when you diet and exercise may be enough to get some people to work hard and lose weight on their own. It’s not thanks to the pills, but the pills would still get the credit.

‘Come With a FREE Maximum Effectiveness Diet Guide’

It may seem counterintuitive, but yes, products that claim you don’t need to diet and products that claim that you have to follow their very specific diet are both scam warning signs. Basically, the idea that you don’t have to diet is wish fulfillment. The idea that you have to follow their very specific (and extremely strict) diet while taking the pills is an appeal to the placebo effect. The pills don’t actually do much, if anything, other than suppress your appetite. The diet is the thing that does all the work.

If the people marketing the product can put together a theme, they can create a diet that is just odd enough to seem like a new scientific break through, and they can cover up the fact that all it really is a way to heavily calorie restrict the person following the diet. If someone told you that you should only eat seven hundred calories per day, you’d probably recognize this as an unhealthy restriction, and know that your body would shed weight naturally while you were doing that, whether or not you were taking a weight loss supplement. However, if you’re told to eat three bananas, two cups of cabbage soup, half a hot dog, and drink two liters of iced tea every day, you could get caught up in the specifics of the diet and not notice that you’re only eating seven hundred calories; people like to follow the rules when they can.

They Only Sell it in Six Month Quantities or Greater


“You might as well throw your money into the Dustbin”

If a product is only sold in huge quantities that would take you a long time to finish, there’s a good chance that the product is a scam. Three or four month supplies are normal (after all, it’s assumed that you’re going to be on it long enough for it to have a chance to work), but six months or greater is a product that doesn’t expect that it’s going to have many repeat customers. If they can sell the product once to someone, they can sell and charge enough to make a reasonable profit just off of that one time sale. The first time you try a product, try the smallest package they have available. It’s not wasting your money even if it’s cheaper to buy it in bulk, but rather, testing to see if the product is right for you before you commit.

There are some very common ways that weight loss supplement and fat burner companies will try to scam you. Keep your head high and your mind alert for things like forcing you to buy in bulk, requiring you stick to their specific diet (though telling you not to diet at all is just as bad), and using high pressure sales tactics on their sites through reviews. This will help you weed out the scams and stick to the really effective fat burners to get your body to the next level of fitness.

A Guide To The 5 Online Dating Blogs You Should Be Reading


“Read more blogs and know the hidden secrets of this online dating world”

Online dating has grown in popularity in the last decade as a consequence of rapid technological advancements in terms of information dissemination and communication. In the past there were very few avenues for meeting people. Social gatherings were anticipated occasions for seeing new faces and striking up a conversation with strangers, in the hope of chancing upon a probable date. But even attendance at such events was not a guarantee of finding the right person. For the most part, it was luck that brought hopeful individuals together in these events. Moreover, for a lot of people, their shyness and reservation held them back from walking up to a prospective date; it definitely requires a lot of confidence to engage a stranger in talk.

With the advent of online dating, people are now able to look for an ideal date by simply browsing through thousands of profiles. There is no need to go through that scary experience of walking up to somebody who isn’t even interested in knowing you. The experience of being ignored, walked out on, or turned down can wash away any remaining strands of self-confidence. It is not worth risking one’s dignity in a social gathering for a few pieces of information. In contrast, online dating profiles immediately provides information on people’s backgrounds and preferences. There is no more space left for that trial-and-error method in finding a perfect match. With some patience and a few easy clicks one will find an ideal date in no time.
Now if you are planning to try your luck, check out the following blog sites that offer an online dating guide.

Single moms know it best!


“Single mothers have seen it all and can give the best advices”

Sex, Lies, and Bacon is an extremely fun, sassy, and provocative blog site run by Melysa Schmitt, a single mom and also the marketing manager of Super Edition Media and owner of the consulting company Kiss Our Sass Media. Her blog is a brazen take on the inspiring adventures of a woman who lives by juggling her responsibilities as a single mom and a career woman. A hilariously honest writer, Melissa gives advice on a variety of topics with a focus on single parenting, living fabulously single, and of course, dating. A notoriously unorthodox blogger, she goes on without mincing her words, using utterly blunt expressions like “shut your whore mouth” while making a whole lot of sense. In one particular blog entry entitled “Lessons in Online Dating: ‘Spin Your Web’ and Don’t be a Lazy Ass” she relates her recently acquired eye-opener lessons from Damona Hoffman’s book Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating. As a self-confessed lazy dater, Melysa reorients her mindset to looking at online dating as a full-time paying job, which according to the author is the key to success. The big chunk of her entry is a guide to online dating dissected into two phases. The first is the online phase which is about picking the right site, creating a profile that attracts the right person, sending messages, and setting up dates. Second is the offline phase which is broken down to what you should be doing on the first eight dates – an intriguing must-read!

OkTrends offers revealing and shocking info on dating and sex


“Know more about the shocking truths about dating and sex”

OkTrends is a blog site that consolidates research information from, an online dating site that has gained quite a following. The statistics presented in each entry are whopping and from this the site has gained a rock solid credibility. Posts cover a spectrum of very intriguing topics such as how your race affects the messages you get, gay sex vs. straight sex, your looks and your Inbox, and exactly what to say in a first message. For online dating junkies, the blog entitled “The Big Lies People Tell in Online Dating” can be an eye-opener to how deceptive the world of online dating can be. It fearlessly lays down the top six lies proliferated by users of Ok Cupid in their profiles. Here are a few of them: 1. “I’m six-feet tall.” In reality most users are on the average two inches shorter than what they proclaim. Data show that men almost universally would add a couple of inches to their height. This rounding up becomes even more pronounced among taller men who would stretch a bit more usual to reach that much-coveted six-foot benchmark; 2. “I make $100,000 a year.” In truth, people are about 20% poorer than what they claim they are. Users of the site disproportionately advertize high salaries, with older men exaggerating more than their younger counterparts; and 3. “Here’s a recent pic.” Modern camera technology’s photo-dating capabilities reveal that on the average, photos uploaded on the site are about 92 days old with hotter photos dating much older.

There are a growing number of blog sites offering helpful guides to online dating


“Look out for the best sites to help you out”

Tripp Advice is a blog site that targets a male audience. It offers helpful love and dating advice as well as first date advice for men. The materials in this site are drawn from personal experience with women and are utilized by the author in his coaching programs that target helping men in dating even top-caliber women. The site comes with a commendable disclaimer that it isn’t a site for men looking to manipulate women or for men wanting to become something they are not. Instead, it offers to help men become their best. The dating advice is just as commendable. It insists on calling instead of texting women in setting up a first date. It also demands that men should veer away from the predictable and utterly boring dinner first date which only adds pressure by placing the burden of entertainment on men. is a blog site by a dating adviser named Tommy Danger Kim, who throughout his early twenties has followed dating advice dished out to him. Listening to so many people’s advice brought his frustration and disappointment which is why he devoted himself to gathering together his personal observations about dating, which he would later feature in his blogs. As a dating adviser, he sets out to explain the intricacies of male-and-female dynamics.
Nerve’s Dating Confessions is a blog site for sharing personal experiences in dating. Confessions are written by their dating site members who want to share details of their dating and sex lives such who they wish would flirt with them, why they feel guilt and regret for passing up a date with someone, or what it would take to win their romantic attention. The site is a wellspring of very controversial and uncensored revelations of people’s views and experiences.
Once, you have read the personal experiences of people in this online dating world, you must read some online dating tactics which are mentioned here These dating tactics can help you make the right decision about online dating.
Going on dates can be a very negative experience when unplanned. People who recklessly jump into the dating arena without enough knowhow often walk away frustrated, disappointed, and hurt. Being turned down can really eat away at one’s pride and self-confidence, leaving the person feeling devastated and even miserable. If you want to come out successful and unscathed, make sure you have done enough research on how to go about dates or have asked helpful advice from the right person. The dating world is an unforgiving and cruel world so you better put on your best gear. It always matters to know the essential basics.

Dating Scams – How To Spot A Fake Dating Profile


“Weed out the fake dating profiles”

Profiles on dating sites are not always what they seem to be! They can hide a lot of lies and fabricated identities that have nothing to do with the person behind them. Do not go on “belief and faith” when contacting a user whose profile left you a good impression. Investigate carefully for signs of dating site scams and fake profiles! Recently, has released this list of the top sites. You can choose from these and avoid the dating site scams. Apart from this, here are the most common signs that the dating site you’re on may be in fact an elaborated scam:

Pictures inspired by the world of supermodels


“If she looks like this then the profile is a fake”

If the person behind the profile dating site identifies with pictures of “Miss World ” or the “Sexiest man on the planet” and moreover insists that he/she is exactly the person in the picture when you ask him/her, than you’re clearly wasting your time talking to the wrong person.
Fake pictures are the main ticks that give away most of those who “enhance” their profile on dating sites. If you spot someone using a fake picture then you should contact the site’s admin. If he/she doesn’t respond in a short time frame, then it’s quite clear that the entire site is a scam.

Poor profile information and hidden under a pseudonym

Profiles on dating sites that are extremely poor in information about the person behind them and which use a pseudonym instead of their real names should give you food for thought. Although no one wants to reveal their identity at first, most reliable persons on dating sites have at least their last name showcased on their profile info.
A person interested to make friends and to find his/her half on a dating site will be more dedicated and willing to complete the profile information. Eventually, the profile is a “visiting card” of the person, an image that “sells” the potential qualities to the desired person. Thus, profiles that resemble guest accounts are usually either scams or simply site tests.
If neglected and unkempt, it means that that person uses the profile for other purposes than to know and make friends with other users. Therefore, one should avoid the accounts which do not present clear profile information and at least one real name.

Contradictions in the information presented in the profile description


“Look for the mistakes in the profile description”

Many users on fake dating sites tend to easily give the post when it comes to creating a false profile, but it’s to be noted that most of the times they manage to create an attractive one.
Through the lies they use they contradict themselves in all sorts of simple information. An example would be that state that they state a certain number of years but set the wrong year of birth when they register their profile, or that are of a particular sign, and date of birth says something else.
Follow carefully and investigates profile information because such contradictions can easily occur, and sometimes they are also related to school or profession. It is clear that if someone posts that he graduated in history, but put to the medical profession, something does not add up, the profile was clearly made up. This trick is part of the dating site scams and should be kept in mind at all times.

Flawless, ideal profile pictures


“A flawless profile picture is a sign that the profile may be a fake”

On the “too good to be true,” there are profiles on dating sites which seem to perfect, with no mistakes that seem to pop out “of the box”. These profiles will usually make you think that you found the ideal person to have a family with. However, you are wrong.
These users are smart and do not give the suspect to take care not to exaggerate and embellish too much information profile but provide little to no detail or too unattractive profile descriptions.
It’s the type of character that would attract any person of the opposite sex, fake simplicity and naturalness.
So, listen to your instincts and if you say that it is a fabricated profile, stay away from it. Or you can try to test his veracity, entering into conversation with the user and verifying information through dialogue. Lies have short legs, and if you remember certain key information, you will definitely tangle them at a later time for sure!

Spelling mistakes in profile description and/or names

Many of the dating sites are actually not U.S.-owned, so you can easily find spelling mistakes in the profile names and descriptions. These profiles are usually created by administrator to bring up more traffic and if you bring up the dialog than you’ll find yourself speaking to a robot or even to the admin himself!
Therefore, spelling mistakes clearly highlight dating site scams, and if you notice such ones in a variety of profile than you have to stay away from that website as soon as possible. Remember that a quality dating site will always present a proper design, enforced registration and real-world profiles which do not present spelling mistakes (at least for those of the U.S./U.K. residents).

Face to face conversations avoided every time

Scammers will always turn down the offer of a face to face chat, since this is the easiest way in which they can uncover their identity. It can be quite difficult to spot lies on a text chat, but on a video-based chat it’s easier than ever.
However, note that some scammers advanced to such extent that they now provide pre-recorded video registrations (which they add their modified voice over) to make you believe that they’re actually chatting with you. Be very attentive to this dating site scams, and if someone invites you to a video chat right from the first conversation act with extreme caution.

Be wary of the “verified” profiles


“Don’t trust the verified profiles instantly”

Some fake dating sites provide the “verified” tag to scammers’ profiles, thus making you believe that you’re actually chatting with a reputable person. However, even renowned dating sites can feature such type of profiles, and it can be very easy for one to “verify” his account using someone else’s credit card.
Therefore, since you never met the person before, it’s always better to act with caution. Make sure to do a background check and chat over common issues to make sure that the truth is not being hidden from you. If you suspect that the profile belongs to dating site scams then stop contacting them immediately.

Standard replies belong to scammers’ arsenal

Besides the fact that many of the fake users will contact you at first with a phrase such as “Hello, my name is Ana and I noticed that you have a very interesting profile…”, they will also reply with short one or two-word phrases and get angry when you question them about their identity.
You should stray far away from those who are not willing to answer basic questions regarding their identity or background, since many of them are actually scammers. While it’s normal for a person to be protective on the first chat, the person in cause will have no reason to not want to discuss general topics such as education or work background.

It can be very difficult to identify scammer profiles on dating sites nowadays, since they became more and more advanced as time passed by. However, taking into account the above tips will most definitely help you separate dating site scams from reputable member profiles. You should seek to join only those dating sites with an active and large database of members, since this way you have more chances of finding your half without having to deal with the scammers.

Why the Self Publishing Company Reputation Does Matter Somewhat


“People prefer reading books from good publishing companies”

A number of self published authors have started turning toward creating their own publishing companies and using print on demand services that stock to bookstores instead of using subsidy publishing services. It’s true that most readers do not pay attention to the publishing house, but reviewers and professionals within the industry do.
The recent scandals relating to ACX (, and other imprints including Xlibris and iUniverse have caused a number of reviewers and professionals to be even more concerned about the workmanship coming out of self publishing companies. Before you choose a self publishing company, you need to consider the self publishing company’s overall reputation.

Why the Reputation Matters


“High quality books are often published by top publishing companies”

Reviewers and other similar professionals do care about where a book is published to a certain extent. Obviously, books published by one of the Big Six get the most attention. Self published books, on the other hand, already have some challenges in convincing high profile reviewers that their books are just as good as one of the Big Six’s. When a self publishing company has a negative reputation, that cuts against your eBook or book, making it even less likely that the reviewer will look at your novel. While it may not seem fair, it makes sense from a reviewer’s perspective. If he knows that a particular publishing company turns out poorly edited and poorly written work, he is not going to choose to read one of those books over one that comes from a publishing company that regularly turns out high quality work.
It’s true that some reviewers will always assume the worst about your eBook and book. You cannot change everyone’s mind, but you can save yourself some of the headaches by checking for red flags before you sign up for a self publishing service. In addition to the fact that reviewers may not take your eBook as seriously, you make it more likely that you find the services you need rather than losing money on poor services or services that are never rendered.

The Red Flags


Do not fall for false reviews”

Whenever you find a self publishing company that offers an affiliate program like ACX, you need to dig deeper into the reviews. There’s nothing wrong with affiliate programs. They are a legitimate form of advertising and promotion, and most individuals and businesses try to handle them ethically. Outright lies make for poor business. Unfortunately, as in every business, scam artists and less than ethical individuals try to make their mark. Some of these individuals try to use what are known as black hat marketing techniques to create false hype or bury negative reviews. In some cases, the marketers do not know whether the claims of the negative reviews are true, but what they do know is that it reduces the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. When you see an affiliate program, you need to dig deeper into the reviews. Check out the Better Business Bureau as well as Ripoff Report, Preditors and Editors, Writer’s Weekly, and even writing forums. Requesting input from other writers whom you know and trust can also help you make a more informed decision.
Another red flag of a bad reputation is a lawsuit in the works. While a lawsuit or a pending lawsuit or even the research stage of a lawsuit does not indicate guilt, it does indicate that something is going on. Currently, Authors Solutions along with all of its subsections including ACX are being researched for a class action lawsuit. The class action lawsuit currently alleges misappropriation of author royalties, inappropriate use of authors’ works, deceptive business practices, and more. Even if it turns out that ACX is fine, it’s best to avoid being associated with a business like that until the facts have come into the light and been addressed through due process of law. In some cases, any publicity may be good publicity, but when it comes to publishing a novel, this kind of publicity will only hurt you.


“Be aware of Publishing companies making sales forcefully”

Be extremely cautious of pushy salespeople. While it’s little wonder that many of these sites want to sell you their service packages, they should not coerce you into signing on for more than you can afford. A good self publishing service will make recommendations and perhaps provide an analysis. However, once the self publishing company starts calling you and demanding that you upgrade or telling you that you will not succeed if you do not upgrade, then that’s a sign that you need to get out of there.
You should likewise avoid any self publishing service that promises you awards if you only pay a moderate fee. One of the things that ACX is being investigated for is the “Editor’s Choice Award” that authors could purchase with a high enough package. Even if the site states that the only reason they charge these fees is to make sure that they can pay their editors, it’s best to avoid it. In the eyes of many readers and reviewers, that award is tainted because you paid for it. It’s best to win awards from sources that did not benefit financially from you. According to Writer’s Weekly, this is distinct from paying an entry fee for a content in which you win an award because in that case the fee goes toward the costs associated with the competition. Entries are anonymous, and no one is guaranteed to win. Helix and other self published review companies are still somewhat suspect. Often times, it costs an additional $150 – $300 to get those reviews, but, once again, they are considered somewhat suspect because of the high fee for the editor’s review. Services like Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble do offer paid review services. These are not mandatory, and they generally disclose the payments. Because they run the online marketplaces where the books are featured, these reviews are considered somewhat more valid than Helix reviews, but they do not have the same authority as genuine reader reviews.

Further Reducing the Impact of the Self Publishing Company’s Reputation


“You have an option to use print on demand services from big publishers”

One of the best ways to reduce the impact of a self publishing company’s reputation is to avoid subsidy publishers all together. Print on demand hybrids like Lulu and Create Space offer author packages equivalent to those found on ACX. You can know more about by reading Audiobook Creation Exchange Review: Is It An Effective Platform? ACX is thoroughly reviewed and rated to make it easy for you to choose. You can follow our reviews or you can choose to do everything on your own and just use their services to print and distribute your novel.

If you choose to use a print on demand service hybrid like the ones mentioned, you can create your own publishing company and just handle your printing through them. It requires some business knowledge to set up a company, but it is not too difficult. You need to make adequate preparations, and it can take some time to put everything in order. Register your publication’s name, and make sure that you list the publishing house name when you publish your book. It makes you look professional, and it increases your quality control. Even the best self publishing company can print terrible eBooks and books since most do not edit for content, but with your own publishing name, you are the only one deciding what goes into your brand.

My Hookup Is A Jock, What Now?


Looks like you’ve hooked up with the one girl in your neighborhood that is up to her chin in sports. Maybe she’s a volleyball player, maybe she’s a basketball player, or maybe she’s the nebulous, prissy equestrian that still isn’t afraid to get down and dirty and muck out those stalls. Whatever the case, you have a girl that likes sports in your bed, and that can be an awesome thing for you if the two of you have a lot of similar interests. Heck, even if you don’t like the same sport, there’s a good chance the two of you are both active, interesting people that can enjoy the same things. You’ll be surprised what the two of you can come up with!

Similar Interests Are Always Good

“Similar interests will make you fall in love with each other”

“Similar interests will make you fall in love with each other”

If your new hookup is a jock and you like any kind of sports, then you’re already off to a great start. The best thing you can have in a new relationship, even if it’s just a relationship with quick casual sex, is something to talk about and enjoy on equal levels. Sports is often a great unifier, and if you two have that to talk about, then there’s definitely a great start to a lot of fun things.

If she’s really into football, for example, then you’ve got a great number of things to talk about. If you’re lucky, it’s fall and football season, and the two of you can hookup at a tailgating party after a fun night of a lot of beer and barbecue. The best part about hooking up with a jock is the fact that she’s into the same stuff that you are, and there won’t be any awkward pauses or shortage of things to talk about before you get down to having some quick casual sex. The other thing is you’ll actually be enjoying yourself, because hey, she knows what she’s talking about. A lot of girls can’t get their way through a sports conversation to save their life, but if you find this kind of girl, then you’re good to go. Even if she’s a bit dodgy when it comes to the particular sport that you play, there’s a great chance she’s willing to learn so long as you learn about hers in turn. It’s a win-win situation for both of you, and you might find that you really enjoy one another’s company!

She’s Athletic, And That’s Sexy

“An athletic body is more flexible”

“An athletic body is more flexible”

It doesn’t matter what kind of jock you’re hooking up with: all that quick, casual sex is just going to be better, because she’s fit and in shape and ready to roll. A lot of men are put off by girls with a lot of muscles, and that’s the only kind of ‘jock’ they can think of when it comes to girl. What you’ve got to realize is that different sports make a woman’s body shape into different things. A gymnast is going to look a heck of a lot different than a weight-lifter, but they both look sexy in their own ways. There is always something to appreciate about an athlete’s body, after all.

“She will be able to fit in all the sex positions that you desire”

“She will be able to fit in all the sex positions that you desire”

If you’re dating a jock, you have someone that’s an athlete in the sack without a doubt. That means the two of you can try out a lot of different, fun positions and she’ll probably be down for it. There’s a good chance she’s a lot more flexible than the average lady that you’ve hooked up with in the past, so enjoy that for all it’s worth. You two can have some real fun in bed, and there’s a good chance you won’t even be able to keep up with her. Good luck with that in particular!

Because she’s an athlete, she’s a goddess, especially when she’s at the top of her game. If you want to keep her around, make sure you let her know that, and really appreciate that body of hers. There’s no doubt that she’s got one going on, so pay homage to it and really get down and enjoy her and the obvious fruits of her labors. Being a jock is hard work for ladies, too, no matter what other guys want to tell you!

How Do I Keep Her Interested?

Jocks are active people. Women that are into sports are no different than guys in that regard, so there’s a good chance that she’ll get bored easily and always be ready to go and do new things. Use that to your advantage! The two of you can enjoy a lot of different, active things together that don’t just have to be limited to running around your neighborhood on Saturday mornings. Even if it’s just quick casual sex that you’re after, the two of you can actually enjoy each others’ company at different sporting events where the two of you are participating. Playing touch football with a woman can be really sexy, and that can get the two of you riled up for a hot night well in advance!

“Compliment her to keep her interested”

“Compliment her to keep her interested”

If we’re not talking actual physical activities, the two of you can go to all the games in the world together. It’s important for athletes to measure up competition in order to better shape their own craft, so there’s no doubt that she’d be willing to hop in your car and enjoy a game with you that night. Buy the tickets and invite her. There’s a pretty low chance that she’s going to say no to something like that.

She’s Still A Lady

“Don’t forget that she needs you”

“Don’t forget that she needs you”

Even if she likes being called a jock, calls herself a jock, knows she’s an awesome athlete, and may even act like a tomboy–there’s always the fact that she’s a lady, and a gorgeous one. She might not even act like a tomboy at all, so don’t fall prey to stereotyping right from the get-go. She’s someone that you need to appreciate and not immediately assume that she’s there for you to fantasize as an athlete or someone that’s buffer or stronger than she wants to be.

In our world today, we expect women to be feminine and pretty all the time. Maybe she likes that, or maybe she doesn’t. Maybe she prefers being hot and sweaty from the game she’s playing, or maybe she prefers showering off and putting on makeup afterwards. Regardless of what her tastes are, get to know her better and figure out her personality. Talking about sex can also get the ball rolling. You can visit and read a quick casual sex guide. That will make your hookup go so much smoother and make it much more enjoyable for both of you. You’ll have her in the sack a lot more if you figure out who she actually is, and not just focus on the fact that she’s a great athlete that can outrun you and every other guy that you’ve ever known.

“Understand and respect her feelings at all times”

“Understand and respect her feelings at all times”

Also, remember there a lot of ways to treat a woman right without disrespecting her and treating her like she’s the lesser sex. Don’t make a big deal about how her sport is usually just for guys. That’s going to make her leave, not sleep with you! Appreciate what she does and seem genuinely interested in it, and chances are you’ll be able to have this sexy Amazon around for a lot more hookups to come.

Why Does The Media Hate The Swinger Lifestyle So Much?

“Media see it as immoral”

“Media see it as immoral”

Swinging can be referred to as non-monogamous sexual intercourse, handled in the same manner as just about any social activity that is practiced as partners. The basic rule of swinging is that couples maintain monogamy in emotion, commitment and love with one’s partner. Swinging partners can be recruited from swing clubs, social circles or even from some of the best swinger personals sites around. Swinging sex is normally carried out in the presence of a husband or wife and necessitates the approval of both partners. Even though swinging couples frequently grow to become good friends with other swinging spouses, there are many rules limiting emotional engagement with non-spousal individuals. However, the commitments that form amongst couples can and sometimes end up being as emotionally complicated as that of the wedded couples.

This fact has contributed to the depiction of the swinging lifestyle as taboo by many persons and media personnel. The swinger life is often scrutinized and condemned by the public and media.

Swinging is Largely Beneficial to the Couples Involved but Downplayed by the Press

“Swinging is good for couples as it spices up their sex life”

“Swinging is good for couples as it spices up their sex life”

Though swinging involves sexual intercourse with individuals besides one’s partner, men and women elect this way of life report that swinging improves their union sexually, intimately and emotionally. Some couples go all out to recruit persons from the best swinger personals sites around. They build strong personal bonds with people and build on their own relationship from there. These couples often find their lifestyles to be fulfilling and enhancing to their personal lives. They claim that the dialogue, receptiveness and sharing of their desires for sexual diversity enables them to enjoy their sexual fantasies with each other without having the feeling of deceit or guilt. This kind of extreme sexual openness can generate steeper degrees of trust and freedom within a union. It may also unintentionally initiate emotional weaknesses that none of you might have been mindful of.

Overall, swinging is designed to enhance one’s sexual relationship. The media largely portray this as being promiscuous but this is not the case many times. The possible disadvantages of the said lifestyle is largely highlighted, giving many persons the impression that swinging is a trending but highly risky lifestyle. Most persons who pursue this type of relationship are forced to keep their lifestyles private at all times for fear of media exposure and public disapproval.

Swinging is Largely Viewed as a Deviant Social Behavior

“They choose to see it as deviant social behavior”

“They choose to see it as deviant social behavior”

Swinging, as you can see, could possibly become a double-edged sword. It is to this day largely perceived as deviant social behavior. Furthermore, it is considered a threat by a great number of couples and organizations such as the church and the media. The media often portrays a particular lifestyle as it is depicted by the general public. And although swinging has its benefits for the persons involved, media personnel frequently highlight the drama and negativities of the lifestyle. Many swinging couples believe that they should guard their life choices closely. This will aid in strengthening their decision regardless of public opinion. In turn, there will be greater openness between couples, as they strive to maintain secrecy. What current media exposes about swingers has spurred the interest of numerous couples. Recent research show the people who took part in this process is less than 5 percent of all couples. The North American Swing Club Association claims that the population of participants is much higher at 15 percent and reports that there are organized swing clubs in almost all states and in many international communities.

Swinging lifestyles has long been depicted by the media as not only promiscuous, but risky, disrespectful and as a haven for sexual addicts and addiction. The negative stigma attached to the behavior has led many to withdraw simply because people fear that they will be putting their lives and relationships at risk. Of course there are negatives to everything, but the media has been biased in its portrayal of the matter. It is not the majority of people that experience bad effects of swinging relationships. In fact, many are fully aware of the reasons for entering the lifestyle and they try to make it work out the best possible way for themselves. Therefore, the fact remains that only the parties involved can make the lifestyle work for them – not what the media highlights or what anyone else thinks.

Person’s Sometimes Withdraw Due to Poor Dialog

It is not abnormal for couples to withdraw from the swinging lifestyle as well as to repair their romantic life. Sometimes things do not work out the way that they were intended to. Contrary though, numerous partners follow this practice for years and additionally report high levels of marital contentment. There are people who spare the time and effort to carefully plan their relationships. They find the most suitable companions and clubs by themselves, carefully hand-picking the best suitors for their lifestyle. Some select persons from the best swinger personals sites online, and make the most out of their matches. Therefore not all swinging relationships end up in premature withdrawal. There has been some research on this subject, aided by small test sizes and minimal study about the subject, thus it is hard to draw any firm conclusions. Probably the most complicated facets of this or any kind of sexual activity which includes several partners can lead to natural human reaction.

Even though both parties are fully aware of the decision to engage in swinging coupling, by human nature, jealousy, diminished trust and guilt can bring on negative effects. These bad emotional impacts are what the media like to highlight. The public in general like when good things happen to good people, but they also like when people are ‘punished’ for doing things that are outside the normal scope of acceptance. Swinging lifestyle is no different. Make sure that you fully understand the level of communication required for your swinging relationship to be a success. One must take care to have dialog and show physical love and commitment to their spouse at all times. Lack of proper communication can lead to adverse effects when it comes to swinging relationships.

The Media Enforces Continued Stigma on Swinger Relationships

“Media always tag swinger relationships as taboo”

“Media always tag swinger relationships as taboo”

Many persons try to differentiate between swinging and their lifestyle. However, as portrayed in the media both do incorporate a rejection of the customs of monogamy. An opened swinging lifestyle is generally accepted, although most people do not agree with the type of relationship. Public acceptance only comes through respect for one’s sexual preferences. The subject is stigmatized just enough that it is best to keep your family and yourself away from press interviews and public discussions about the matter. Swinging in today’s media powerful society is best kept in secrecy. Involving the public into your personal life can put your reputation and social bonds at grave risk. And although many swingers are opened about their relationships and willing to share and give public advice, it is best to abstain unless you know exactly what you are doing. It has been known that swinging couples have been faced with rejection both socially and professionally when their private lives are somehow put into the spotlight.

The swinging lifestyle like any other has its rewards and challenges. Unfortunately, even after careful thought and planning and making an effort to visit the best swinger personals sites, things may not always work out as planned. So, we checked the veracity of information about these sites. You can Read Reviews Of The Best Swinger Dating Sites Online and find out the best swinger personals sites. You must not care about what media showcases about it. The media tend to sway people’s emotional and thoughts on any matter that makes them uncomfortable. Swinging is one such activity that has been considered taboo for a long time. One has to be cautious at all times when entering this type of arrangement as it goes beyond the social norm. Not many are willing to accept the lifestyle, but if you are involved and successful, it is best to keep it a personal affair.

Various Forms of eLearning Evaluation Methodology

“Forms of evaluation methodology”
“Forms of evaluation methodology”

When it comes to eLearning, the evaluation methodology that you choose is quite important. Most courses require at least some level of evaluation so that the students can know whether they are actually mastering the material or need to continue working on it. Having a basic understanding of the evaluation methodology most conducive to eLearning can be beneficial as you put together your course.

The Importance of Providing Some Form of Evaluation

Having some form of evaluation makes a course far more important to students. A number of online courses skip this altogether. The instructor puts together the information and then leaves the student to figure out on his own whether he has actually achieved the goal. These courses can be found almost anywhere and generally they aren’t worth that much to the students. A course that gives the student a method for evaluating his progress in the course and ascertaining his weaknesses is worth money to most people.
You don’t have to spend a lot of time putting together evaluation methods. In some cases, simple techniques can be just as effective as complicated ones. The point isn’t to impress your students with how hard you make the evaluations. The point is to make sure that they have mastered the material sufficiently to be confident in their new knowledge and use it as it is intended to be used. You can use as many as you choose. Just make sure that they are helpful toward accomplishing the students’ goals.

Objective Tests

The question is how to evaluate tools? You can find it out here: The most basic form of eLearning evaluation methodology is the objective test. It works great for eLearning courses as well as traditional courses. With an objective test, you put together key concepts and questions that the student must answer. You can even include these in self-directed courses. Just make sure to provide an answer manual that the student can check his answers against. Providing explanations can also be beneficial.
Objective tests work well for making sure that students understand vocabulary, key concepts, theories, and other objective material. When it comes to techniques or situations that have more of a subjective base, the test becomes less useful.


“Students exercises can help you evaluate them”
“Students exercises can help you evaluate them”

One of the most widely used eLearning forms for evaluation is the exercise. Through exercises, students try their hand at using the techniques that they’ve learned. Most of the time, this is used in courses that teach students particular skills that do not necessarily have a lot of objective knowledge. Art, writing, songwriting, crafting, and other skills often fall into this category. It works well on a small scale, and it can work even better when you provide multiple exercises within a single section. This way the student can evaluate his learning as he goes rather than happy to evaluate it all at once at the end.


The project is an extension of the exercise. Through this evaluation methodology, the student must put together a series of exercises or the equivalent to form a whole and coherent project. Often times, you would insert a project at the end of a skill set unit. If, for instance, you hosted a course on content marketing, you would include a number of exercises throughout the initial unit helping the students to understand the basic components of a content marketing campaign. At the end of the unit, the student would be required to put together an entire campaign, drawing on all of the separate exercises and takeaway points he has already mastered.
Both projects and exercises can be used effectively in self-directed and instructor directed courses. The one challenge with using these in self-directed courses is that you have no guarantee the student will actually do them. It’s all on the student. One way to help encourage student participation is to keep the group open. As students participate with one another and share their projects and exercises, they can spur one another on toward better techniques. Just make sure to provide rules for proper feedback.


“A successful presentation can represent your confidence and can be taken as an evaluation”
“A successful presentation can represent your confidence and can be taken as an evaluation”

The presentation method is generally used in a more academic type course. It also tends to work better when you have an instructor driven course with other students available. Through this, the student takes the knowledge discussed in the course and then goes on to do further research on her own. At the end of her research, she gives a presentation. Unlike traditional presentations in the traditional classroom, however, the student may simply videotape herself and then share it on the eLearning platform. From there, you and other students can engage in discussion over the presentation.
The presentation evaluation method offers a wealth of information. It can help you to better understand some of the more nuanced areas of your field, and it will also help the other students. In general, presentations only work insignificantly well structured courses. Even though you don’t have to coordinate all of the students being in one place at one time, you need to make sure that there is sufficient number of students to make it worth each student’s while to put together this presentation.

Real Life Opportunities

“Real-life opportunities provides a great platform for evaluation”
“Real-life opportunities provides a great platform for evaluation”

Another evaluation methodology that works well in eLearning is actually engaging in real life opportunities. Through these, the instructor provides information on actual opportunities that the student can try out her newfound knowledge. For instance, if you are running a course on newspaper writing, one of the things that you might require is that the student actually submits pieces to seven newspapers. Through this, the student gets actual experience as well as additional comments and more feedback from professionals.
The real life opportunity method works well with both self-directed and instructor directed courses. Just remember that you need to provide very specific directions if at all possible. Just throwing your students out and telling them to find opportunities on their own may overwhelm some of them. You can point them in the general direction and give them basic information on finding their own real life opportunity or you can give up to date and to the minute recommendations. Obviously, a course that provides more up-to-date and directed real life opportunities is much more valuable to students than one that gives general information. But both have their place.

Training Someone Else

In certain educational traditions, the transition of an apprentice to a master requires that the apprentice successfully teach someone else the course skills. Obviously, that system won’t work as well for an online learning system, but it can be adapted. A student’s ability to actually teach someone else the information and skills that he has learned is an indication that he has mastered the majority of the material, provided he teaches that person correctly.
If you have a more advanced online course set up, you could set this particular evaluation method up as a way to increase the training in your course. Students who have progressed to the final stages of the course can then help to train the students who are new to the course. You will of course be there to oversee all of this. Training someone else only works as an effective evaluation methodology when the instructor is available. Otherwise, it’s too difficult for the student to actually evaluate how he’s doing.

Why Make the Switch to Android

The decision to switch to Android does not come in an instant. It is something you need to think about carefully. Before you finally turn to Android, read on and know the different reasons to make the switch.

It has the best App store

You may find numerous iPhone applications, yet Android is not far behind. In fact, they are catching up really fast. Also, their apps are useful and wanted by people.

You are free to choose from different networks

Handset exclusivity is very popular nowadays, and that is what you can expect when you have an iPhone. By going for Android, you can pick a cheap phone and choose your own mobile provider.

There are a lot of low-cost options available

No need to have an expensive smartphone to experience Android. Cheaper devices will not hurt your pocket, but will allow you to try Android.

How to Make the Switch from

How to Make the Switch from

Android is an open OS

Android offers better flexibility than other platforms. For instance, you are not forced to use iTunes. Although iTunes is a nice piece of software, it does not offer you too much flexibility. That’s something you do not have to deal with when you use Android.

It allows you to multitask

Mobile phones nowadays are considered as mini computers. Wouldn’t it be annoying if your phone will not allow you to multitask? The Android allows you to do several things at a time with the drop down menu that you find on each screen.

Only a few people have them

Almost everyone uses an iPhone. Others have BlackBerry. When you use Android, you will stand out a little bit more. Then again, with Android’s popularity constantly on the rise, you can expect more people to make the switch. Wouldn’t it be nice to be amongst the first ones to experience Android?

It is easy to customize

Android allows you to customize your screen in an instant. You can change your launcher whenever you want, and you can do it without having to check out several apps.

It allows you to experience Google

Having a phone that has Android enables you to experience what Google has to offer. The Internet is nearly owned by Google, and their grasp of the Internet will surely reach further in the coming years. Android is for someone who loves Google. Who doesn’t? When you are a fan of the Internet, you love Google. A web life that revolves around Google is the only reason you need to switch to Android.

With some amazing Android

With some amazing Android

Android has continuously evolved over the past few months, and it has managed to become the OS that people want. Apart from iPhones and BlackBerrys, Android smartphones are definitely worth considering. Then again, the only way for you to truly gauge Android is to experience it.  

Is She Straying on You – Three Ways to Figure It Out

Yes, you might be right in thinking she is totally from another planet. Women tend to deduce things differently and often, the conclusion is totally unexpected. Just like if and when she decided to take on another guy. You really can’t understand why she would do that – or why she would stray when things are going smoothly between the two of you; or is it really?

If you think she is straying on you and you want to be sure she really is, then you need to know these three basic things if a woman is having or thinking to have an affair with someone else.

1. Look at her age. No, it is not because she is old or feeling old that she wants to try her luck on her love life to another man. It is because a woman tend to re-evaluate her life every have decade starting when she reach the age of 25. So if your girlfriend or your wife is around these ages, every five years since she got 25, then she probably thinking of some major changes and that might include you. So if this is the case, think like her. Think that if you are her, would you think on dumping you? Is she getting from you what she wants out of her love life? Try to remember your conversations in the past about expectations; did she get it from you? Were you able to fulfill some of her whims about love and life? If not, then yes, she’d probably think of finding another man who would. Not that she would follow this thought through. What you can do to prevent this from happening, that is if you don’t want her to go, is to just be there for her. Does not really matter if you annoy or disappoint her somewhat but if you are the man who is there beside her every day then she won’t really stray.

She will call you a “warrior”

She will call you a “warrior”

2. Did she have so much free time away from you to have spent it with a friend who happens to be a another man? Does not really matter if they have known each other since they were in diapers as long as you have taken it for granted and just left her to bond with him then you got something to think about. She probably thinks on levelling her friendship with her childhood friend who happens to be a man up if you are always not there. You don’t take anything for granted. If she established a connection with a man, no matter how it seemed to be innocent, temptation will always be present to whisper suggestions into her ears. So don’t give her so much free time with him. If you can, be there if they bond too. You have to always remind your girlfriend, or wife, that you are her partner and you want things for keeps. So again, be there for her.

3. Did you cause her to doubt your devotion for her, like in a bout of anger you told her you don’t love her or that you don’t feel for her the way you did before? Then she is probably thinking on finding someone who will love her better. And if she happens to have someone who is always there around her, waiting for you and her to have some fall out, then you can say she is thinking on straying on you. Lesson to learn, don’t say things you don’t mean – that is if you don’t want to lose her.

I got all glammed up for you.

I got all glammed up for you.

So in the end, no matter what the cause of her thinking to stray on you, you just have to be there for her and this tempting thoughts will disappear.  

Proven Ways Of Making Your Skin Look Young Again Without Surgery

Individuals always associate surgery as the only way of making them look younger. However, there are several systems in place which can help people to achieve this goal without much-intrusion on the face. These methods are proven to be safe and they are non-surgical techniques for skin rejuvenation. Fortunately, by reading this article you will know some of these options available to you.


Citric, lactic, glycolic and other alpha hydroxyl acids are becoming popular than ever. These acids are best for minimizing sun damage, acne and wrinkling when they are used on regular basis. Your dermatologist can even prescribe AHA-products in higher concentrations.


Sunscreen does not just prevent damage of your skin it also fade existing-lines as well. On the other hand, moisturizer helps to keep your skin soft while temporarily improving its appearance. The fact here is that they don’t prevent wrinkles nor-reverse the process. Nevertheless, there a few moisturizers on the market that works as the best anti-aging method with ingredients such as retinol.


Medical experts praise vitamin A as the best fine line and wrinkle treatment. However, the treatment is more effective when it is used often. After a period of about five months you will notice the result of the treatment since it is one of those procedures which get better with time. It is advisable to start using this treatment at your early age and you will definitely stop wrinkles.

Tretinoin thicken outermost layer of the skin making it to appear smoother. It also sloughs off dead skin cells giving a younger looking skin.

The Secret to Younger Looking

The Secret to Younger Looking


This treatment involves high concentration of AHA’s of between 30% -70%. When comparing this method with the over-the-counter AHA products that have at most 10% acid, you-can-clearly see how this method will penetrate your skin dermis for better results. Chemical peels can also greatly soften minor acne scars and crow’s feet.


Most people prefer this treatment since it gets under-the-dermis and reveals the new level of the skin surface. However, people should take cautious when using this treatment since it is considered as “DEEP” peel. These peals are used to obliterate wrinkles on your forehead around your eyes and mouth and correct pigmentation problems.

TCA peels will always give the best results when are used for acne scarring. It is also important to know that these peels have their downtime of 6- 10 days, where your-face will be swollen, red and also unavoidable crusting of skin. However, the overall performance of the peels is worth since it does wonders on wrinkles around your eyes.

An anti aging cream is a product that is aimed at helping your skin look

An anti aging cream is a product that is aimed at helping your skin look


Micro- dermabrasion and dermabrasion involves rotation of wire brush off the upper-two-layers of the skin causing smooth its appearance. It is the best method of removing small wrinkles around your lips and acne scars.


This procedure requires a doctor to inject natural animal protein known as collagen in order to plump up your facial skin. The procedure also shallow your skin and fill in deep wrinkles. You will get immediate results which will last for 3- 8 months.

Save Money with these Simple Tricks

There’s no other important reason why one should save money other than to prepare for the rainy days and yes, for the expensive golden years. When you are earning much it’s easy to get tempted to gratify yourself by buying stuff that you justify as things you “need” when the truth is you don’t! In this modern society that pressures us to succumb to the pleasures of the “must-haves”, it’s not hard to see yourself trapped in money pitfalls.

As one financial expert would put it, you blow away money due to lack of respect to it; you missed out on the idea that you worked hard to earn your salary or income, and when they come you easily spend them away unnecessarily. This happens when we see ourselves of less value that we tend to believe having more will add value to who we really are as a person. We realized too late, mostly in the middle of a bad financial situation, that what we have, what we drive or where we have been to do not define who we are but simply what we want others to think we are.

Here are few money wisdom to help save money to avoid the money pitfall:

Refrain from using your credit card. Credit card in itself is not bad; in fact it is a very reliable money tool in cases of emergency. However, suddenly feeling you need to buy that shoes, or dine in to this fancy restaurant is definitely not a matter of money emergency. If you cannot pay it in cash upon purchase then you really cannot afford it. So stop pretending you can by taking out your card and letting them swipe it.

 6 don'ts of using your credit

6 don’ts of using your credit

Coupons! Coupons! Coupons! Just a couple of snip-snip for these coupons and you got yourself a huge savings! The very reason coupons are already part of our lives is because they work for those who give them and those who use them. Each dollar saved using one or two coupons is another product on your cart. Who doesn’t want that bargain?

Stop buying products for duplicated purpose. Seriously, just how many brands of shampoo or soap or sauces of the same kind do you need? If you must try a new product brand, buy them in their trial size or at least consume first what you still have.

Stop buy and pick up these

Stop buy and pick up these

Be a food minimalist. Open your fridge and imagine everything you see in there as dollar coins and bills – do you see a lot of them in there? For sure! Until you learn to set your mind in this truth that all the food inside your fridge are coins and bills put together, you would just allow them to rot inside. And when it’s time for you to throw them in the garbage because they expired or spoiled, try thinking that you’re throwing your coins and bills as well.

Earning While Staying at Home

A lot of people are considering working from home instead of going out. It saves in fuel consumption or transportation expenses, they need not have to change clothing and they save time which could have been used for traveling.

Easily” is a relative word, though, when it comes to working. Some tasks are considered easy for some but are difficult for others, and vice versa. It could be relative to your outside office work. The easy part could be the income part, which has its own pros and cons. Most outside office work are laboriously difficult but income is usually stable while most home office work are easy but income is usually fluctuating because the nature is mostly contractual or on a per-sale basis.

If you choose a certain home job that you love doing, you do not consider it work any longer. That usually happens if you turn your hobby into money. Certain skills that you know very well can also be considered easy because of the expertise that you handle. Choosing a home job that you are expert in makes your work from home easy. If your products or services are bought well enough, then income is also easy.

Offline Opportunities

Before the internet existed, while the men are commuting to their office, many of the women who stayed at home earned as well. The opportunities can be classified as selling products or offering services. If there is any product that you can display from home while passersby can see what you are selling, or if you have a sign that lets your neighbors know you are selling such and such, you only need to tend to them when someone buys. An example can be products from direct selling companies like Avon. You can also make your own crafts and sell them or you can ask others to display their products in your place as consignment; pay only what are bought. A cellphone reloading station is also rewarding since most are using at least one. If you have a bigger capital, you can put up a real store with different kinds of items like a mini grocery store or maybe a bakery where you can sell your own home-baked goodies and extend your business to serve certain celebrations with cakes and pastries. Other special skills can be served from home as well like setting up your own beauty shop. If you are good in drawing, all you need is a table and art supplies.

Offline opportunities for home jobs seekers

Offline opportunities for home jobs seekers

Online Opportunities

Before you can go for online opportunities, it means that you are equipped not only with a computer and an internet connection, but you are also computer and internet-literate. Writing is one of the common tasks that can be done online. Being a virtual assistant is another although it requires more time and focus. It’s like being an executive secretary. Having a passive income is also possible online if you have your own website and you earn from ad placements. Buy and sell is also an online opportunity, where you can ship your products locally or even worldwide, using your website or another like Ebay. Being an affiliate is another. It’s like being a sales representative of a certain product. You earn by referring a customer.

Are you looking for home based

Are you looking for home based


You can work from home easily. Options can be offline or online. You just have to choose which ones you consider easy on your part.